Did you know the famous Barcelona Chair?

The Barcelona Chair is so named because it was exclusively designed for the Barcelona World Fair of 1929 as part of the German Pavilion. The Barcelona chair inspired by Mies van der Rohe and his long time partner and companion, the architect and designer, Lilly Reich , is one of the most stylish and elegant pieces of modern furniture of the 20th Century and probably the most recognized piece of modern furniture around. The frame is crafted from stainless steal with thick leather straps supporting the seat pad and chair back (Straps attached using velcro). The padding used is visco-elastic memory foam, which is fire resistant to comply with all UK safety laws. This model is of the highest quality and would make a great addition to any modern home. Though it has a "machine made" appearance it is almost 100% hand laboured. The frames are made of massive suspension stainless steel. It requires extreme precision and highest craftsmanship to weld and finish the joints.


The years after the First World War had found Europe in a turmoil and the postwar years preceding the Barcelona Exhibition were challenging for the nations. Despite or possibly because of the widespread devastation, designers, industrialists, architects, and artists were inspired by new technology, materials and possibilities. Literary creativity and with it advertising and commercial promotion and film making commenced with feverish vigor. The German Government, more than any other, after losing the war and struggling to for political stability, eagerly agreed to participate in the Barcelona Exhibition.

Philosophy and economics

Although many architects and furniture designers of the Bauhaus era, were intent on providing well designed homes and impeccably manufactured furnishings for the 'common man', (and van der Rohe was very much in agreement with this philosophy), it was and still is not possible to do this in the case of the Barcelona Chair as the materials and labor are too expensive. Its tufted and buttoned, supple high quality leather cushions are hand sewn and individually stitched and piped require twenty eight hours of highly skilled labor to produce.

The timeless, iconic Chair has never ceased to be in production and has always been a 'must have' for both wealthy aficionados as well as architects and designers. Ottomans, loveseats, sofas, daybeds and benches, even inspirational versions of the chair, loveseat and sofa with arms have been added to the 'range'.

Although the original rights of reproduction were purchased by Knoll, unaffiliated reproductions of the Barcelona Chair are today manufactured by a vast and diverse group of manufacturers, each varying considerably in their price, quality and even specifics of the design.

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